Rajasthani Wooden Armchair

Rajasthani Wooden Armchair


W: 62cm (24.4")H: 114cm (44.9")D: 102cm (40.2")


This fabulous Majestic wooden chair almost certainly hails from Rajasthan. From the lightness in weight of its fruitwood, the carving skill and flakiness of its original layers of paintwork in typical Rajasthani colours, it is definitely a genuinely Vintage piece. It has a wonderful high carved back with central cartouche, long carved serpentine arms, is extremely comfortable  and reasonably sturdy for its advanced age and, although its joints need treating with respect when doing so, it folds up.


Its provenance is uncertain but it did come to us as a "Maharajah's Hunting Chair", to be folded up and carried on hunting trips, presumably for use by the Maharajah when he alighted from his elephant. What is for sure is that it is a thing of great beauty and style, and would make an exceedingly comfortable throne, deckchair and conversation piece to be  enjoyed by any modern-day Maharajah or Maharani in any modern-day palace or conservatory.


Another total one-off for an extraordinary owner.  Please note the Maharajah's Hunting Dog is not included...