Antique French Bottle Drying Rack

Antique French Bottle Drying Rack


W: 50cm (19.7")H: 87cm (34.3")D: 50cm (19.7")


An antique tool of the French winegrower, L'Herisson (french for Hedgehog!) is a cast iron wine bottle drying rack. Traditionally it has as many tiers as possible, to dry the maximum number of bottles at once. This genuine antique example has 8 tiers and a fascinating shape.


Equally at home in an antique, rustic or vintage setting, the bottle dryer can be used as an artistic display item on its own, or to hang a collection of empty vintage wine bottles, glasses, mugs, scarves or other item of your choice.


Interestingly displayed it's a piece of Sculpture in its own right. As you can see it also makes a great Alternative Christmas Tree!!