Pigeon Hole Unit - Painted + Mirrored Set

Pigeon Hole Unit - Painted + Mirrored Set


W: 109cm (42.9")H: 105cm (41.3")D: 20cm (7.9")


This vintage original Pigeon hole unit is an authentic industrial piece - recycled from an old office building. 5 rows high by 10 original letter slots across, it has 50 pigeon holes in total. The whole unit has been totally restored and upscaled with glazed mirrors fitted to the back, and the main body of the piece has been double-painted in white and a gorgeous shade of blue - a thinned blend of glossy Azure and Greek.


The effect is absolutely stunning - an early 20th century piece brought right up-to-date. The mirrored backing makes for a really interesting Urban look and provides for 50 slots to store or display items, particularly to reflect them from behind. It's an Industrial painted finish and the look is raw but civilised.


It would be at home anywhere in the house displaying precious or stylish items in a hall, living or bedroom area, working as a bathroom cabinet or even in the kitchen where it could be the ultimate large spice and ingredient rack. Equally this piece is so good-looking you could just stand it on its own (or wall-mount it) and it will just quietly exude its fabulous style with no further ado.


It even has its Mojo back (though neither he nor the candles are included)!