Military Styled Desk

Military Styled Desk


W: 114cm (44.9")H: 75cm (29.5")D: 49cm (19.3")


Cool upcycled kneehole desk with a "Military" theme. This desk has been completely dismantled and rebuilt and given aged industrial and military style metal cup handles. Its drawer fronts and kneehole arches have been picked out in Khaki paint, and built into its back rail is a fab original industrial piece: the timber and rusty iron fitting that was a "Label" from an MFO (Military Forwarding Office) crate. When a soldier's belongings were to be shipped home, they were sent in an MFO box (crate) and shipped from one MFO to another. This wooden Label is like an old railway sleeper in feel and look. It measures 71cm wide x 21cm tall x 4cm deep. The military painted instructions on it indicate that the box's contents were to be shipped home to the UK via  Penang, (now in Malaysia but in World War Two known as the Malay Peninsula.)


Its a kneehole desk with a central drawer and two banks of four drawers, so plenty of storage space. As a vintage piece, it comes with a few wings dings, a couple of holes on the top surface, and a stain or two. We've left all of that in place, as it adds to the chracter of the piece, but we've revarnished to give its top a lovely smooth finish.


Its now a really useful serviceable piece of furniture with a "Military" look and a built-in piece of UK military history. We''ve added a matching khaki painted wooden pen and pencil tray for bits and bobs. One for the history buffs, or a modern day Action Man or aspiring soldier. Another total one-off from Digger & Mojo.