Tricolour Retro Kidney Bean Coffee Tables

Tricolour Retro Kidney Bean Coffee Tables


W: 53cm (20.9")H: 31cm (12.2")D: 36cm (14.2")


This stylish trio of retro kidney bean tables proudly painted in blue white and red is a set of original 60s tiny wooden coffee tables on atomic legs  - these have definitely lived and had enough superficial damage to warrant a complete revamp.


After full restoration treatment they're now chalkpainted in fashionable red white and blue, waxed and buffed to a shine. The shades are those of an old faded standard whether Tricolour or Union flag. The blue is Aubusson, the Red a Burgundy shade (not on the postbox spectrum) and the white is aged white.


Very much handpainted and waxed, paint strokes are visible and there is no factory look. The underside and legs of the white table probably had a higher tannin content so despite several coats, its pale oak woodwork colour is visible beneath giving it a "vintage" faded look, while its oak ply top is a very solid white shade - see photos below.


They would look good absolutely anywhere - iconic shapes in an iconic colour scheme..