We reupholster all types of item of antique and modern furniture, using purely traditional or modern methods to suit each customer. We have onsite upholstery workshops and also use a couple of trusted freelance upholsterers who we have worked with for a number of years. We are happy to give estimates if you send photos of an item to

Reupholstery is an expensive business, as it is immensely time-consuming and labour-intensive. We recommend before proceeding that clients are able to answer yes to at least 2 out of these 3 questions: Is the piece of sentimental value? Is it very comfortable? Does it fit very well into a space in your home?

We give ballpark quotations of best and worst-case scenarios as until a piece of upholstered furniture has been opened up, it is impossible to know the state of its insides. We then get in touch again to advise the final cost.

We have a range of lovely fabrics and fabric samples in our upholstery showroom. We also stock remnants of vintage designer fabrics and one-off ends of rolls. We can order in any fabric of clients' choice with a product and pattern number and colourway. Post Covid our workshops are very busy, so we are currently prioritising customers who buy their fabric through us.

Please note there is always a queue, and we do our best to juggle customers, furniture, and fabric choices and its arrival so that the wait is not too long. We give you an approximate idea of the length of the queue when we first hear from you. If we can improve on the original date suggested, we will.

We are very happy to give design advice free of charge, on design, colours and textures. When you visit us it's a good idea to have on your phone a few photos of the room that an upholstered or painted piece is to fit in.