Chiavari Bronze Chair

Chiavari Bronze Chair


W: 39cm (15.4")H: 92cm (36.2")D: 44cm (17.3")


* La Chiavarina - as pictured in Vogue's June Edition "Idyllic Interiors"

Here is Digger modelling his chic spotty bow tie while posing on La Chiavarina. You may well have sat on a gold-coloured wooden Chiavari chair at some time if at a smart wedding, and you certainly did if you attended the wedding of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier in 1953. Chiavari chairs in many shapes have been stylishly produced in Italy since 1800.

This particular model is made of solid brass. It's a lovely solid vintage piece, and ours is in good condition and upholstered in its orignal red velvet. It will bring the atmosphere of sumptuous Kennedy Camelot, Opera House foyer and 1950s chic to your living area, hallway, bedroom or boudoir (personally I think it should be in a dressing room with silk stockings slung over its back..)

Digger is yawning - it's a tough job being a Supermodel..

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