Anglo-Indian Walnut side Table

Anglo-Indian Walnut side Table


W: 38cm (15")H: 56cm (22")D: 38cm (15")


Simply a sweet little side table, of Walnut, heavily carved and on attractive tripod legs. This little piece almost certainly hailed from Northern India, maybe the Kashmir region, at the very end of the nineteenth century. The legs are carved with a palm leaf design, while the two flat surfaces are carved with tri-foliate climbing plant leaves, and around the edge linked by their tails are what we originally thought might have been lizards, but now believe to be Mongeese. The Mongoose was an animal much beloved by high society and the Indian army in the days of the Raj, as they were the fearless killers of beastly snakes, and reistant to snake venom. They were a must have for every bungalow!


Nowadays, back in Blighty, this dear little table brings a hint of the Jungle (very "In" post Milan this year) to your own drawing-room, kitchen, conservatory. Just the ticket to house a cocktail, specs and phone....


An unpretentious little antique table - at home anywhere and bringing Darling little Mongeese with it. How can you resist?

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