Antique Victorian Schooldesk

Antique Victorian Schooldesk


W: 122cm (48")H: 82cm (32.3")D: 86cm (33.9")


This fabulous antique double school desk is a genuine piece of Victoriana straight out of the schoolroom.  A vintage piece from Marlborough College (Alma Mater of the Misses Middleton), its solid cast iron frame was made at G M Hammer, London's Victorian Ironworks. The whole wooden structure has a wonderful patina acquired from the touch of generations of schoolboys, with names and initials carved into the top, ink stains around the original inkwell holes, and underneath (safely cleaned up by ourselves) were examples of different generations of chewing gum...


It is an incredibly comfortable seat for 2, and we see it as the ultimate in gaming tables, where 2 people can game in comfort and some style, with screens at the right angle, great back support and a goodsized shelf below for cables, chargers etc.  Or of course it could just provide decorative antique seating in a kitchen or study - up to you ...