Deco style vintage V console

Deco style vintage V console


W: 110cm (43.3")H: 82cm (32.3")D: 42cm (16.5")


This is a highly unusual, exceptionally decorative Console table.  A real Statement piece of uncertain Vintage but in true Art Deco style, its composed of a V-shaped base with clear glass mosaic pieces. The original glass top was damaged so we have replaced with a brand-new glass top in a pale smokey grey to match the base. We have also added tiny clear rubber suckers to hold the glass top in place.

It's very much a vintage piece and missing a few tiny mosaic pieces here and there. We have had replacements cut to match and have already restored several, and the piece will come with a small bag containing spare pieces in case they are needed in the future.

In summary - its a glorious bold and decorative Console - not for someone seeking a pristine brand-new item - but for someone with a good eye, great style and a gallic shrug over the odd missing mosaic.