French GreyPainted Coffee Table Cabriole legs

French GreyPainted Coffee Table Cabriole legs


W: 106cm (41.7")H: 50cm (19.7")D: 70cm (27.6")


This elegant coffee table is an Antique table of French chestnut wood. It started life as a side table and has been through the wars, losing half of its elegant cabriole legs when unable to fit through a new doorway... As such a casualty there was no guilt attached to painting it in a popular Grey (Sloan "French Linen"), waxing, buffing and lightly distressing. It has one useful drawer, painted white inside which had no easy means of opening. We've glued in a key to make an attractive and permanent handle.


The ultimate upcycle, this lovely but damaged antique piece is now a really useful and attractive coffee table in a particularly popular shape. It's a squarer shape to get away from the usual rectangular coffee table, and alternatively would make an excellent and very safe stand for a giant flat screen, standing as it does just 50cm off the floor.