Gothic iPad Stand

Gothic iPad Stand


W: 46cm (18.1")H: 77cm (30.3")D: 37cm (14.6")

£185.00 Including UK* Delivery

This is the ultimate useful piece of kit for the 21st century; a Decorative wooden iPad or laptop stand. Great fun and totally unique, its been converted from a Victorian gothic oak Pre Dieu. At 77 cm high it sits perfectly alongside an armchair to rest your iPad, laptop, or kindle to both read and work from.


The conversion involved removing the flip-down wooden kneeler, and carving the remaining lower section of wood to match the front section exactly. It was then sanded, painted a grey taupe with Annie Sloan "French Linen", waxed and buffed. Now its a most unusual, attractive and immensely practical small piece of furniture for the modern age... and of course it works equally well as a stand for the non digitally-inclined to rest books, magazines and cookbooks...