Industrial Blue Console Table

Industrial Blue Console Table


W: 94cm (37")H: 87cm (34.3")D: 43cm (16.9")


This industrial table almost certainly came out of an old workshop. It has a fabulously authentic beaten-up air, with its flaky paintwork in various shades of gloriously faded blue - more distraught than distressed. The handles are genuine vintage cup handles, and the drawers are lined with original 50s/60s? vintage brown corduroy and a fair bit of authentic dust!


It has wonderful lines and an interesting shape with the central two drawers bang in the middle of its solid but suprisingly elegant frame. We have cleaned and tidied it up and strengthened its previously rickety frame to make it sturdy, but this is a genuine raw Industrial piece that needed no further interference.


An atmospheric piece for the hallway or living area of the loft or warehouse-look appartment, this console table shouts Urban and Edgy.


The Industrial look - sorted!