Inky Black Leather Nest of tables

Inky Black Leather Nest of tables


W: 55cm (21.7")H: 56cm (22")D: 43cm (16.9")


Every home needs a nest of tables. This set is a handfinished one-off that looks very graceful when folded away and minding its own business, and even better when all three tables are out and about at work.  A vintage mahogany set of 3 tables with carved edges and leather tops under glass, we have upcycled them to create a quietly sumptuous trio of tables.


Each piece has been gently sanded and painted in handsome matt black which will self-distress with use revealing hints of red oxide beneath, while the leather tops have been carefully dyed black to match with just a hint of original gilding peeping through. A useful inset piece of clear glass on each table will cope with not-so-dry martinis or coffee cup rings. Each delicate little foot has been fitted with a protective felt pad.


Understated elegance and practicality combined to serve a fashionable twenty-first century home.