Large Vintage Wine Rack

Large Vintage Wine Rack


W: 117cm (46.1")H: 169cm (66.5")D: 28cm (11")


A large vintage galvanised metal wine rack which takes 18 dozen bottles. (Can you do that sum without a calculator?). It's a solid aged piece, with a rectangular frame and attractively curved bottle slots, single depth. The floorstanding frame has brackets for wall-mounting to make it a safe as well as stylish rack to house an industrial-sized wine collection.


Alternatively it is a goodlooking piece of architectural metalwork in its own right, and could be used  in any industrial setting as a display unit or to house a shopaholic's silk scarves and necklaces. Of course you could just show off your Premier Cru empties in it. 

18 x 12 = 216