Metal and Glass Console + Matching Mirror

Metal and Glass Console + Matching Mirror


W: 153cm (60.2")H: 79cm (31.1")D: 46cm (18.1")


Stylish set of steel-framed glass-topped console table with matching mirror which would grace any hallway or upgrade any living area. This 20th century duo combine elegance of design with an edgy industrial slant. The frame harmoniously joins straightness of line and secure rigidity with wonderful graceful curves making it a very attractive piece when viewed from any angle.


The top is a securely fastened and luxuriously thick piece of glass, which blends with the frame to give a truly elegant look while the metal frame of the table and the matching mirror make for an Urban Industrial look of the moment. The beauty of this set is that it fuses  Industrial and Elegance simultaneously in a truly rare combination.


*Mirror Dimensions: 92  x  62 cm and can be hung in Portrait or Landscape