Oak Tambour Cabinet from the Ashmolean

Oak Tambour Cabinet from the Ashmolean


W: 90cm (35.4")H: 110cm (43.3")D: 37cm (14.6")


This tambour fronted oak midcentury cabinet hails from the Taylor Institution Oxford, part of the Ashmolean building, so it has an interesting provenance. Its tambour performs perfectly and locks with the orignal key. Inside are twin layers of wooden manuscript drawers, eighteen in total; the Taylorion is the Oxford University Library of Modern Languages so one can imagine them housing sheets in different languages. Constructed of golden oak and varnished, we have left it in its authentic entirety, only gently restoring by replacing some broken beading.

Tambour cabinets are incredibly popular, and this one is original, has the look and such an interesting and authentic pedigree - what's not to like?