Pigeon Hole Unit - Street Graffiti Style

Pigeon Hole Unit - Street Graffiti Style


W: 93cm (36.6")H: 69cm (27.2")D: 39cm (15.4")


Pigeon hole units are a design must-have, and this one has an added twist, it's been designed by our sometime resident Street Artist-Bink - which makes it an Industrial work of art!


Bink's vision of this piece was the Street look coming indoors. He deliberately kept  the interior shelving as plain as possible to maximise interest in whatever is displayed, while the pigeon holes are highlighted in clearly defined black. The exterior is a masterpiece of graffiti design, with layers and textures of sprays, and dreamy black waves.


Real Urban Street cred for the loft, Industrial living area or bedroom. A total one-off from Bink.