Retro Coffee Table - Flamenco!

Retro Coffee Table - Flamenco!

Code: 10070


W: 90cm (35.4")H: 40cm (15.7")D: 38cm (15")


This retro Flamenco coffee table is an absolute early 60s classic. It's a genuine vintage piece with its original atomic legs, and divinely kitsch Flamenco dancing scene on the top.


It is in very good condition for its venerable age considering it is made of plastic and plywood, and sold in its original vintage state so please do note that there is a small gap in the metal beading on the left-side as clearly shown in the photos (possibly a sign of its previous rackety life).


The image of the piece dates from a time when more Britons were starting to travel abroad, principally to Spain, and all things Spanish were the height of vogue. This ultimate in 60s chic will add an instant Retro look of the period to any home, and it is also an extremely serviceable coffee table. It's a a real rarity - we've seen one or two similar others but none so fun as this one.


We will be sorry to see it go - it makes us laugh out loud!