Standup Painted Desk/Workstation

Standup Painted Desk/Workstation


W: 76.5cm (30.1")H: 100cm (39.4")D: 59cm (23.2")

£355.00 Including UK* Delivery

This standup desk is a handmade and handpainted pine piece, with drawer and built-in retractable book/ipad/laptop rest. It's painted in Annie Sloan "French Linen" grey while the inside of the drawer is "Paris Grey". A brass deck ring has been countersunk into the top to pull up the book rest, and a vintage elliptical solid brass knob sourced for the drawer handle.

It's a pretty Vintage/Chic take on a popular new item - the standing workstation for the health-conscious. Why have an ugly modern one when you can have an attractive wooden neutral piece and a total one-off from Digger & Mojo? Please note the height of the desktop from the floor is 88cm, so please check that this will work comfortably for you. The paintwork has not been distressed, but could be to order.

PS Were you suddenly minded to sit down, our Edwardian Tall Tapestry stool (60cm height) works perfectly with this..