Stunning Painted Retro Sideboard



A fabulous design statement from Bink, Earth Wind and Fire is an elements-inspired chest. Originally a solid and handsome Retro sideboard, Earth Wind and Fire combines a sky blue hand-painted shell and peat black earth base, with doors and drawers in the colours of bright flame; startlingly bright scarlet and brilliant yellow. The drawers and doors were painted using a little Street art effect magic, and they blaze out from their tranquil blue surrounds. The shelving inside is painted in the same matt black.


This is a fantastic and totally unique design - a Bink original. This practical piece of vintage storage is built to last, while its colour scheme, with the contrast of cool sky blue and volcanic heat is genuinely exciting and brings Urban Street cred to any modern living area, kitchen or bedroom.


Gorgeous and another total one-off from Digger & Mojo.

Stunning Painted Retro Sideboard