Upcycled G-plan Tallboy

Upcycled G-plan Tallboy


W: 55.5cm (21.9")H: 122cm (48")D: 43cm (16.9")


This tall chest of drawers is another 50s original piece from G-plan with an industrial twist - a metal base. The unit has had the full treatment; gentle sanding, waxing of the natural wood to bring out the warmth of its colour, and then each drawer has been treated and painted.


One of the drawers has been left in natural waxed wood, along with the exterior outline of the piece to highlight the clean lines, and marry together the new colour scheme. The other drawers have been painted in our of our preferred palettes; Taupe, Black, Silver and white. The original handles have been removed, cleaned and buffed and then replaced, and the drawers are lined in soft Silver leatherette. The metal base which had aged a little has been sanded and refinished in smart Pearlised black.


The result is a very sharp and elegant storage unit for any modern home. With 6 drawers and a height of 122 centimetres, this piece would be ideal for use as a bedroom chest of drawers with its  capacious drawers below and space on top for jewellery, cufflinks or whathaveyou. Alternatively it would be very attractive in a living area of neutral or monochrome tones.


An authentic mid century piece looking sleek and edgy today.