Victorian Clerk's Desk

Victorian Clerk's Desk


W: 76cm (29.9")H: 106cm (41.7")D: 56cm (22")


This old Victorian Clerk's desk has seen some life! It's made of mahogany and was pretty beaten up when we came across it. One generation will see a Bob Cratchit style piece (A Christmas Carol) while another will think of Gringott's Bank (Harry Potter). Either way this is a duffed and scuffed old standup desk - to sit at with your bar stool - or to stand at while working and simultaneously keeping trim.

It has a lift up top with deep drawer and its stand is divided into two useful storage areas, ending in another drawer at the base with original antqiue cup handle. The shades of wood vary so it may be that it's a marriage, but it's a harmonious one.


It would make a great Captain's station/Reception area piece in a Restaurant, Pub, Nightclub or Hotel. We like it as it is - authentic and Industrial but if you would prefer the piece varnished or painted to match an existing scheme, just sing out.


Price, as ever, includes Delivery within Mainland UK*