Victorian Pine Trunk

Victorian Pine Trunk


W: 92cm (36.2")H: 46cm (18.1")D: 49cm (19.3")


An out of this world fabulous and authentic Victorian (or earlier) pine domed travelling trunk. It's a wonderfully decorative and authentic piece, with its bleached pine, patinated brass studs, original handles and endless historical woodworm trails (extinct but thoroughly treated by us just in case). The interior is lined with original victorian lining paper, flaked and peeling, and worn ticking straps.


At some stage, quite some time ago, the base must have rotted and been replaced with later pine which still looks to be 100 years old or so. The lock is both broken and has no key. It's a gorgeously goodlooking piece whose travelling days are over and would look wonderful in any Vintage setting. What stories it could tell....