Vintage Belgian Yellow Formica Table

Vintage Belgian Yellow Formica Table


W: 110cm (43.3")H: 76cm (29.9")D: 64cm (25.2")


This Vintage Flemish table is not your average Retro Formica table. It has a properly smart varnished wooden base, with elegant legs tapering to pad feet, a tiny little drawer, and a varnished pine edge surround to the sunshine yellow Formica top. Genuinely out of the ordinary, we've not seen one of these before. One could imagine Tintin sitting at it. Digger and Mojo can imagine Snowy lying down underneath it.


The unsual style means that this Formica table is not just a Kitchen piece, but would be equally at home in a Dining room or living area. Its a lovely sunny piece - note that its true Yellow shade is reflected in the stronger yellow shade of the photos. It's a piece of some age and we're uncertain as to whether the base predates the Formica frame, and was married to it at a later stage in the 60s.


Whatever its age and background, this is a smart Continental table, retro and goodlooking with all the practicality of a Formica top. A highly individual piece which belongs in a highly individual home.