Vintage Pine Plans Chest

Vintage Pine Plans Chest


W: 91cm (35.8")H: 79cm (31.1")D: 51cm (20.1")


An unusual Vintage plans chest - probably dating from the 60s, maybe 70s and purporting to have come from "Oxford". It's constructed of pine with a set of 6 graduating drawers. This is what makes it a little more unsual and infinitely more useful as a storage piece - its drawers will actually hold things, more substantial things than plans or sheafs of paper! The top two drawers are of classic plans chest dimensions; 4 and 5cm in depth respectively, but moving down the chest the bottom four drawers are 11, 11, 11 and 17cm, so that they could easily hold any kind of effects, clothes, more bulky kit.


Its definitely vintage and has lived so that its top has various watermarks and the odd small stain that won't come out, but the drawers themselves are absolutely immaculate inside, and look hardly-used (see photos) and ditto the handles which had been thoroughly cleaned and stripped of varnish when we acquired the piece.


In all, a good-looking clean piece of storage, with an Industrial look in neutral pine that would fit into any design setting in any room in the house.