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Harris Tweed Parker Knoll Sofa Suite


Code: 10399


W: 120cm (47.2")H: 80cm (31.5")D: 80cm (31.5")

This is a vintage Parker Knoll 3 piece suite with show wood in varnished teak, and reupholstered in superb vintage 1960s gentleman's suiting Harris Tweed fabric. A very useful size as the sofa and armchairs wil fit comfortably together in a flat or the sitting room of a modern new build of small dimensions. The fabric is hardwearing and stylish and although a greenish grey overall has flecks of many other colours from turquoise to orange so that it works well with cushions in other shades. The armchairs are extremely comfortable, the sofa is lightly-sprung with webbing so that it works for light use by guests. if you are used to a deep relaxing sofa this one is not for you. Measurements given above are for the petite two seater sofa. The armchairs each measure 67cm wide x 80cm tall x 80cm deep.