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TYG 3 handled cup


Code: 10450


W: 22cm (8.7")H: 14cm (5.5")

This magnificent Tyg, a three-handled loving cup, dates from 1902. Made in the Caudon pottery, Stoke on Trent and painted by J. Ellis who painted for Ridgway and for Cauldon. The base has "Coronation 1902" handpainted in gilt, and Windsor Castle. The Castle is handpainted in one of the 3 cartouches, and the remaining two have delicate floral arrangements. This item was almost certainly intended as Coronation memorabilia for Edward VII, whose coronation was postponed through last minute ill health. Perhaps the other 2 panels were originally intended to contain a painting of the new King, and maybe Westminster Abbey, the traditional Coronation venue. Many London hoteliers and restaurants suffered financially upon the postponement of the coronation, and perhaps this potter decided not to risk waiting to see if the King recovered but to finish the painting in saleable floral designs. The result is almost certainly a complete one off and a highly decorative piece of substantial size.